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Call of Duty: Warzone season 4 - How to summon the Graveyard zombie

Some nice loot is up for grabs for those willing to creep around around graveyards.
The Graveyard POI on Fortune's Keep in Warzone season 4

There’s a creepy easter egg on Fortune’s Keep with the launch of Warzone Season 4 - Mercenaries of Fortune. While other players are running around and digging for buried treasure, you can spawn a zombie onto the island which provides decent loot if you manage to kill it.

If that sounds like something you’d like to do - we’ve written this short guide on how to summon the zombie on Fortune’s Keep! We’ve broken down the process into clear steps so you can complete this Warzone Pacific easter egg as quickly as possible!

Watch the Warzone Season 4 launch trailer here!

Go to The Graveyard

First thing’s first, get yourself down to the Graveyard near the centre of the map. Since this is a central location, and where multiple easter eggs / fun stuff can be found, it’s going to be a hotspot for early fights. It’s likely that you’ll be killed once or twice in the process of completing this secret - thankfully the resurgence ruleset makes that not a huge deal!

Find and light three candles

Within the walls of the Graveyard, there are three candles hidden around. These spawn in different locations each game, so there’s no surefire way of finding them quickly. This means you have to do a bit of candle hunting, all while fending off other players who are either trying to win or doing the same thing.

A candle in the Graveyard of Fortune's Keep in Warzone season 4
These candles are tiny, and a pain to find!

It’s not quite as bad as it sounds though. These candles always spawn on or around graves / mausoleums in the Graveyard. This means you don’t need to scour through the grass for candles - it’s always next to grave stones or on the stone itself.

Once you find a candle - take aim right at it and you’ll have a prompt to light it! Once you light all three, you’ve finished the hard part.

Summon the zombie

With all three candles lit, you’ll want to waddle over to a gravestone right in the middle of the Graveyard. You can see it in the image below!

The zombie grave in Warzone season 4
This small grave is a big deal

Walk up to this gravestone, and you’ll get a prompt to pay respects in reference to a classic running Call of Duty joke. Throw up the salute and a zombie will crawl out of the ground and attack you.

Fighting a zombie in Warzone season 4
It'll start running at you, so back up and start blasting!

All you have to do now is kill it! The zombie has armour and a bunch of health so it’ll take a magazine or two to take it down. Again, during this time other players can shoot you in the back so you’ll have to be quick.

Once the zombie is dead, you’ll be rewarded with a range of valuable loot! This includes equipment like gas masks, armour plates, rare guns, and self revives. Is it worth all the trouble? Probably not. But it’s definitely worth doing once just to see it.

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