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Diablo Immortal multiplayer guide | How to start PvP, join dark clans, and become an Immortal

Diablo Immortal multiplayer encompasses several modes, including some extensive endgame activities

Diablo Immortal multiplayer is more than just teaming up with friends to run a few dungeons, though you can certainly do that if you want to. It also includes a complex set of endgame activities designed to propel the strongest clans into godhood, turning them into Immortals – until another clan crushes their dreams and claims the title for their own. Whatever your goals, we recommend joining a party or at least one other player whenever it’s convenient, since groups earn more drops in combat compared to solo players.

How do you start multiplayer in Diablo Immortal?

You can party up with others almost immediately. The feature unlocks as soon as you defeat Ifriss the Destroyer, and you can party up with friends for the campaign or for PvP challenges or even join a Clan and strive to become an Immortal from then on.

How to add friends or join a party in Diablo Immortal

You have a few options for adding friends or teaming up with others. If you want to adventure with friends from your BattleNet account, open the main menu, and choose the “Friends” option. You can search for friends using their Battletag, send a message, or invite them to join a party.

If there’s someone nearby you’d like to work together with, interact with them on screen, where you can invite them to your party or clan or send a message. You can do the same by clicking a player’s icon in the Zone or Party menus.

Diablo Immortal Party Finder

Like most MMORPGs, Diablo Immortal also has a party finder, where you can let the game do the recruitment work for you. The feature has options to filter potential party members by level and the kind of challenges you’ll be tackling during the session. Using the party finder is the best way to party up on short notice, but if you’re planning on playing Diablo Immortal regularly, you’ll want to join a clan or Warband.

Diablo Immortal clans: How to join a clan

Select the “Clans” option on the screen to bring up the Clan selection screen, where you can choose to apply to an existing clan or make your own. Joining (or starting) a clan comes with a fee of 100,000 Gold, so bear that in mind before making your choice.

Clans are like guilds in other MMOs, large groups of players working towards the same goal who can team up for activities or campaign challenges to earn extra rewards. There’s even a set of clan achievements to earn for completing dungeons and a few other challenges with your clan.

If you want a more consistent experience with the same group of players, then the Warband is for you.

How do you join a Warband in Diablo Immortal?

The Warband menu icon is on the main menu, right under the Friends option. Here, you can browse existing Warbands or make your own. These are groups of eight players who have the same in-game goals and are typically online at the same time every day, so make sure to check out a Warband’s information before deciding which one is right for you.

Warbands also get special Warband loot in dungeons, unique items shared between the band that only one player can equip at a time.

How to start PvP in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal has a few PvP options, though the primary one is meant as an endgame activity.

PvP Battleground

Battleground is the game’s basic PvP mode, where teams of six players fight for their specific objective. Attackers try to destroy the Ancient Heart, while Defenders… well, defend it. You can start a Battleground match by visiting Immortal Overlook in Westmarch.

Cycle of Strife

This mode is tied to a more involved end-game activity that only certain sets of players can participate in. You’ll need to join a Dark Clan and fight for the right to become an Immortal, which takes quite a while.

Diablo Immortal Dark Clans and how to join the Shadows faction

Joining a Dark Clan is a bit of a lucky gamble, since you actually have to participate in a lottery for consideration. Head to the tavern in Westmarch, and speak with the Mysterious Patron to register yourself for the Shadow Lottery at 12 p.m., 6 p.m., and 9 p.m. If you win the Lottery, the Patron takes you to the back room, where you’ll fight three champions. If you win, you become a Shadow – but you’ll also need more Clan members.

You can recruit others by playing the Shadow Lottery again. If you win a second time, you’ll get Akeba’s Signet, an item that lets you invite other players to your Dark Clan without having to go through the Lottery first.

Your Dark Clan will compete against other Dark Clans in events exclusive to the Shadow faction, including Path of Blood, Akeba’s Challenge, and Raid the Vault. The highest-ranking clans will take part in the Cycle of Strife PvP mode, a set of three challenges where the Dark Clans face off against the reigning Immortals.

If the Dark Clans win, they advance to the final round, a 30-versus-1 battle against a superpowered Immortal. The winning clan will become the game’s new Immortals, and the cycle continues.

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