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Genshin Impact best Beidou build, Artifacts, weapons, and Beidou F2P options

Set sail
Beidou in Genshin Impact.

The captain of the Crux fleet lags behind other DPS characters in Genshin Impact thanks to her low attack power, but that does mean that she can't be equipped with certain weapons and artifacts to enhance her capabilities. With our best Genshin Impact Beidou build, we're able to bring out the best regardless of limitations.

Beidou is fast and deadly with Electro attacks, capable of turning hits into leverage for strong counterattacks. It just takes the right weapon to make her shine. While a well-constructed team comp for Beidou also goes a long way, this guide will go through what role Beidou fills in your team comp, what the best weapon to use is, what the best artifats sets are, and f2p options for players too!

Is Beidou a DPS character?

Yes, despite having an Elemental skill that’s half defensive, Beidou has limited support potential. When built right, you can use her as a main Electro DPS and get some high numbers thanks to her natural 50% critical hit rate, fast cooldown, and powerful abilities.

With that being said, they still don't do enough to warrant their position as a Main DPS in a meta team comp, instead falling into a Sub DPS role. However, if you're a f2p player, Beidou is absolutely fine as your primary source of damage.

What is the best Genshin Impact Beidou build?

Beidou using her greatsword to send out powerful electro attacks.
Beidou, when using the right weapon, can deal some serious electro damage.

Her base attack might be low, but Beidou shines when you draw out her Electro power and set her loose on the battlefield.

What is the best Beidou weapon?

Wolf’s Gravestone is an excellent fit that gets Beidou’s attack up to par and even helps buff the rest of the party. The secondary stat boosts attack by 10%, and the passive skill adds an extra 20% boost to the user’s attack. Hitting enemies with less than 30% health also increases the party’s attack by 40% for 12 seconds.

The Bell is a good four-star alternative that helps keep Beidou healthy in the midst of battle. Its secondary stat boosts the user’s HP, and the passive skill generates a shield when the wielder takes damage. The shield lasts 10 seconds and absorbs 20% of damage taken, and it also increases your damage output by 12%-24% while the shield is active.

What are the best Beidou Artifacts?

Beidou will deal more Electro damage than standard damage, so Thundering Fury is a must. Since this build uses Beidou as a main DPS, you’ll also want to scale her attack stat. For both of these, we recommend:

  • 2-piece Thundering Fury: Increases Electro damage by 15%
  • 2-piece Gladiator’s Finale: Increases attack by 18%

Brave Heart or Resolution of the Sojourner work just as effectively if you don’t have Gladiator Artifacts to spare, since they both increase attack by 18% as well.

What is the best Beidou F2P build?

Beidou standing in a field.
While Beidou won't perform at her best in a f2p team, they can still be incredibly powerful.

Beidou’s F2P build is still designed to maximize her potential, albeit with a slight damage reduction compared to the paid build.

What is the best Beidou F2P weapon?

We’ve opted for Whiteblind in this build thanks to its reliable passive skill and the extra buff it gives Beidou when she’s on the front lines taking damage. The secondary stat boosts defense by 11%, while the passive gives a 6%-12% increase to attack and defense whenever you land a normal or charged hit. It stacks up to four times, and since it’s a craftable weapon, you can get the max benefit without much fuss.

What are the best Beidou F2P Artifacts?

The F2P Artifact set is the same as for the paid build: 2-piece Thundering Fury, and 2-piece Gladiator’s Finale, Brave Heart, or Resolution of the Sojourner.

What are the Beidou upgrade materials?

Beidou materials for leveling up include Noctilucous Jade, Lightning Prism, and Insignia-series items, so plan on farming the Electro Hypostasis and Treasure Hoarders quite a bit. Advancing her talents requires Gold-series books and more Insignias.

If you're still on the fence about Beidou, though, it might be good to save your Primogems for the next round of Genshin Impact banners. Alternatively, if you're looking for another electro build our Best Raiden Shogun build is a great source of info on one of the game's best characters.

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