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[audioclass sales] The “Launch Email” Technique: The Fastest Way to Attract Good-Paying Clients as a New Freelancer


Here’s how to reach a boatload of potential
clients quickly, easily and without making a
single phone call, mailing a single sales letter,
or spending one dime on advertising…

Better yet… all it will cost you is $7

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Introducing The Launch Email Technique: The Fastest Way to Attract Good-Paying Clients as a New Freelancer…

A 38-minute MP3 audio tutorial PLUS a complete transcript WITH samples!

In this 38-minute MP3 audio download, master freelancers Steve Slaunwhite, Ed Gandia and Pete Savage explain the high-impact “Launch Email” technique. A simple yet powerful way to instantly spread the word about your business, and bring new leads in the door – all without cold calling or writing sales letters…

In just 38 minutes, you’ll discover:

  • The easy way to “tap” your existing network of friends, contacts, and even arm’s length acquaintances for new business WITHOUT being aggressive, salesly, pushy or cheesy (and even if you’re not a “networker”)
  • How to make it easy for your contacts to spread the word about your new freelance business with their contacts, exponentially increasing the circle of high-quality leads that can come your way
  • Examples of three powerful Launch Email scripts that you can copy as closely as you like (these scripts were written by Steve, Ed and Pete, all professional copywriters, so you don’t have to be a writer yourself to leverage the benefits of this powerful technique)
  • Includes PDF transcript of the entire recording AND all sample Launch Emails


The First Step To Building A Solid Foundation for Your Freelance Business

The difference between struggle and success as a freelancer ultimately comes down to one thing – the quality of the clients in your stable. The launch email is one of the most effective ways to start off on the right foot, so you can begin to build a stable of quality clients starting right now.

“No question, leads that come to you from your own network are of higher quality, offer the best paying work, and have the greatest likelihood of becoming ongoing clients.”

– Ed Gandia

The Best Way to Get New Business In a Hurry

For generating business in a hurry, the Launch Email technique trumps other marketing efforts like cold calling, direct mail and search engine optimization – all of which take considerable time and energy to execute.

“Sending a well-written launch email to contacts in your network can generate new business much faster than sales letters or phone calls to cold prospects.”

– Pete Savage

A Strategy You Can Use Again and Again

While the launch email technique is particularly effective for starting your freelance business with a bang, the truth is you can use this strategy anytime to pull yourself out of a sales slump, just like Steve Slaunwhite did:

“Years ago I made the biggest mistake that a self-employed professional can make: I stopped marketing, and the leads quickly dried up! Fortunately, I knew the launch email technique, and used it to get new business from new clients flowing to me again.”

– Steve Slaunwhite

“The Launch Email” Audio Download and Transcript”

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At just $7, The Launch Email audio download + transcript and sample launch emails is the best low-cost / high-impact investment you can make to get your freelance business started off right.