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Call of Duty: Vanguard - MP40 two shot build with 8MM Kurz and Hollow Point rounds

With Call of Duty: Vanguard still freshly released, we've got a video highlighting a MP40 build that's a must try!

If you’ve played any amount of Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer since its release, you know too well how popular the MP40 is. The SMG packs a massive punch and high rate of fire, allowing you to dash around the map quickly and wipe out the enemy team with haste.

The trick? Well, the MP40 at its core is a very strong gun to begin with, but once you use the right attachments it becomes a whole other monster. There’s a lot of attachments to choose from when it comes to the MP40, but Dorrani has found two that when combined create an incredibly powerful 2-shot kill MP40.

The pair that act as the star of the show here are 8MM Kurz Rounds and Hollow Point ammunition. The Kurz rounds are essentially large bullets that deal way more damage than other rounds available, at the cost of the control you have over your gun when you use them. Since you’re up in their face anyway this lack in control doesn’t really hurt your chances of winning firefights, so it’s a must have.

The Hollow Point ammunition is the more interesting attachment. It increases damage too limbs while reducing the optimal range of the MP40. which again doesn’t really matter due to how close you’ll be anyway. These rounds allow you to kill other players with two shots anywhere on the body - just spray in their direction and you’ll be good!

If you’re eager to see this dangerous pairing in action, Dorrani’s video shows us a game in action where they use the build. It’s really good at tearing through packs of 2-3 players within a short period of time, but watch out for the small magazine size!

Call of Duty: Vanguard has had some small problems pop up from the get-go, including a pair of bugs that is making unlocking certain cosmetics a real pain. In addition, the new Zombies experience Der Anfang has got the player base a tad frustrated too.

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