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Escape Academy: The Hall of Escapists - "Escape Artist" Face Door Puzzle Guide

Leave your mark on the Escape Academy
Rearranging the pieces of the "Open Sesame" picture in the Hall of Escapists mission of Escape Academy

At the beginning of the Fall term in Escape Academy, the difficult puzzles don't waste time in getting started.

After some fun story moments in the Quad, the first challenge you will want to take on is at the Hall of Escapists - a monument to the best in the business.

This is the lesser of the two challenges that are available to you, so it's best to tackle it first.

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Escape Academy: The Hall of Escapists - "Escape Artist" Guide

Talk to Professor Slip the art teacher to start the puzzle. You goal is to find the stashed paints and leave your mark on the escapist monument.

When you start, go left through the open door first.

From the easel on the right, pick up the paint-stained cheese and inspect the drawing next to it. This tells you that the cheese, along with a bottle and some bananas, need to go on the table in front of you.

The paint-stained wine is in the bag next to the middle easel.

On the other wall, open the two lockers to get the bananas and a painting that you can put in the open sesame frame in the corner.

Placing all the items on the table gives you the code: 139 to open the third locker on the wall.

Anti-Invisible Ink Puzzle and getting the paint

The Yellow, Blue and Red blotches on the wall come with a note that says, “wet invisible ink”.

Inside the locker opened by solving the table puzzle is the “anti-invisible ink” which you can use on the blobs on the back wall to uncover the cypher.

You need to follow the lines, then spin the wheels to the right shapes on the door on the left. Where it splits you need to add the colours together - remember: Red and blue makes purple. While yellow and blue makes green.

Once you're done, the code is: red, purple, yellow, green. That gets you the spray paint from inside the office.

Next, put the open sesame painting in the frame and it does a banksy and shreds. Rearrange the pieces to get the code: right, left, right, up, down, down. Go over to the other side of the room and press through the push-button door.

Inside, use the scanner to view the blank canvases. The fountain is 1, the cube is 2 and the big keyhole is 3, then you can see the keypad to the safe in the room on the 4th canvas.

Go outside and look at the shapes painted on the things referenced on the canvas.

The fountain is the square, the cube is the empty circle, and the keyhole is the 3 dots. This gives you the code: middle left, middle right, bottom left.

Inside you find the strange sculpture, the face vase optical illusion and the clue, "face him and knock".

Face door and vase puzzle

Go and put the strange sculpture on the face door on the other side of the area. To get through, consider the pictures on the sides of the doors.

Think about the clue you’ve been given - two halves of a face facing each other with a vase in the middle.

Look at the bases of the pictures on either side - only some of them look like the face illusion.

So it’s the one on the far left with both eyes looking down to the right, the one on the left of the door with eyebrows pointing down to the left, and the 3rd one on the right with the medium-sized mouth - so the face should look like this then knock.

How to solve the Face door puzzle in the Hall of Escapists mission of Escape Academy

Statue Heads and number key puzzles

Inside the next statue room, grab key number 2 and key number 5 from either side of the statue base.

On the walls there are 5 on the left, 10 in the middle and 7 on the right. 2 and 5 make 7, so slot the keys you have into the door on the right.

Inside there are 4 busts: Max, Megan, Belen, and Fergus. Push them and their heads twist one way or the other. Max and Belen go left, Megan and Fergus go right based on the silhouettes outside. This gives you 3 more keys, 7, 4 and 3.

7 and 3 makes 10 so go through the middle door. Here you have Timmy, Wyatt, Michelle, Bob, Windsor and Megan.

Smash Timmy, Michelle and Windsor and you get key 1.

Go through the 5 door and you have to place the statues in height order. The portraits outside show you how tall they are relative to each other. The girl with long hair smallest, then the boy with glasses, then the shorter haired woman, then the bald guy, then the man with a hat.

This opens a door out back where you can get to the monument and leave your tag, completing the puzzle!

You earn the stencil badge, and can move onto the next puzzle!

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